Few traditionally shaped, inshore, westcountry fishing boats around today can boast a pedigree stretching back nearly 40 years. The Plymouth Pilot is one that can.

The now very familiar shape of the Plymouth Pilot was conceived in the 1960s by two Westcountry craftsmen seeking to create the ‘perfect inshore fishing boat’. After thorough customer and market research in numerous westcountry harbours, the first boat produced was a 16’ Plymouth Pilot, to be followed two years later by the slightly larger 18’ and the sleeker 24’ in 1973. Before the introduction of decks and cuddys, early Plymouth Pilots were supplied as hull mouldings only and were fitted out by their owners or by professional boatyards.

In today’s more sophisticated world, customers’ needs are constantly changing, so accordingly, all Plymouth Pilots are now custom-built and equipped to suit all budgets. Testimony to our build quality is the fact that we have since produced and sold over 2,500 Plymouth Pilots, with the majority of the earlier boats still in use today worldwide.

Nowadays, the Plymouth Pilot is one of the most respected boats in its class, relied on daily by inshore fishermen and enjoyed throughout the year by leisure users.